Professional Vibropressure Myofascial Treatment

.....And For Many Users

  •  Osteopaths

  •  Physiotherapists

  •  Chiropractors

  •  Sports Therapists

  •  Massage Therapists

Vibro Zone Treatment is gentle and relaxing. The patient experiences a  vibratiom wave of variable frequency gently penetrating there body.

Research and development indicates that this vibratory stimulus, at a cellular level, stimulates specialised cells in fascia, the connective matrix of the body, and muscle. This is technical and manual therapists trained in the Vibro Zone Treatment System learn the science in detail.

From a patients perspective the goal of the treatment is to reduce restrictions in the body and improve postural alignment. This is achieved by the ability of variable vibration stimulation to relax muscle tissue, promote lubrication between muscle and fascia, reduce inflammation and increase blood. circulation,

In this way a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions can be improved and wellbeing enhanced.