The site where you can discover how the Vibro Zone Treatment System can improve your wellbeing.

The Vibro Zone Treatment System has been created by medical professionals for the safe, efficient and effective treatment of people and animals using vibration and pressure.

The Vibro Zone treatment System combines 21st Century Technology and Research to create a powerful and complete treatment modality for manual therapists.

VibroZone uses state of the art Swiss vibration technology with frequencies and amplitudes scientifically tailored for people and animals.

It has been discovered that by using variable frequency within certain ranges and the correct amplitude of vibration that optimal results can be obtained to effect changes to muscle and connective tissue.

This 21st Century treatment enables manual therapists to optimiseĀ  outcomes quickly and efficiently whilst treating at a deeper level with effortless ease.

  • The VibroZone device is supplied by Zone Technology.
  • Swiss engineered and designed.
  • Ergonomic with a weight of only 850 grams and a handle diameter of 35mm. The rod-shaped form allows a posture and effort saving way of working.
  • Compliance with international laws regarding occupational safety and health involves the manufacturer to comply with extensive requirements. Testing and certification in an accredited and globally recognised testing laboratory gives us confidence that our products meet international safety and health requirements.


The Vibro Zone Treatment System has been designed and developed to replace and enhance how the manual therapist uses there hands. The range of musculo-skeletal conditions that can be treated with this treatment is therefore the same however Vibro Zone practitioners are trained to consider and treat misalignment patterns in the body as a deviation from the gravitational axis is a main source of musculoskeletal pain.


Horses commonly suffer from musculoskeletal problems as a result of human interaction. That is humans sitting on there backs which there spines were not designed for. Horses are large animals and this presents a challenge for the Equine manual therapist. Vibro Zone treatment offers a powerful solution to this problem enabling treatment protocols usually used by the therapists hands to be replaced with vibropressure. This treatment also provides a comfortable enjoyable and relaxing experience for the horse.


Vibro Zone offers a training program involving theory and practical application forĀ  experienced manual therapists. For more information please contact us below.


If you are a patient and require more information or the location of your nearest Vibro Zone Practitioner please contact us below.